How to Stay Fit at Work

It turns out that many of us have to work for a living? No longer can that be an excuse for not staying fit.

Nora Tobin, Fitness Contributing Editor for Shape Magazine, offers “Top 5 Moves to Increase Energy and Focus at Work” in the Huffington Post:

“A few minutes of movement can work wonders for your body and mind. You do not have to change into your gym clothes and sweat it out. You don’t even have to lay on a mat. All it takes is a five-minute workout that has been specifically designed to be done at the workplace. There is no equipment required and you will be able to return back to your desk roaring to go.”

So what can you do in five minutes? Tobin lists squats, mini-hops, standing crunches, arm raises and legs-up-the-wall.

Tobin says these exercises can be done during lunch. They likely also could be done other times during the day. As she notes: “Perform each exercise as fast as possible for one minute. If you have 10 minutes, repeat the entire routine.”